Remembrance Farm

organic, regenerative produce grown in Trumansburg, NY

Raw Cow Milk CSA

* 100% grass fed * organic * regenerative *

Raw Milk CSA Info

Beautiful, creamy raw milk available only through our CSA! Our small, humanely-managed, heritage-breed cows eat only grass, hay, and baleage (fermented hay). They are an integral part of our biodynamic farming system, providing fertility for our vegetable crops as well as milk for you!

Pickup available at Remembrance Farm only per NYS law

Sold in blocks of 6 months - Jun-Nov / Dec-May -- No individual sales

$25/month for 1/2 gallon weekly - plus one time $10 bottle deposit. All shares packed in reusable glass jars!

you can sign up for multiple shares to get more than one half gallon per week!

Pick-up Details

Milk pick-up days are Wednesday and Friday.

When you sign up, please tell us which pick-up day you'd prefer, and we'll confirm. 

Your milk is ready after 12noon on your pick-up day. Your milk will stay on the shelf for a full day after your pick up day--swing by any time within that window.

Pick up your milk in the walk-in cooler at Remembrance Farm, 6294 Searsburg Rd, Trumansburg, NY. 

Please take note of the labels and signs around the pick-up shelf:

Bottle return shelf: Please put the clean jars you are returning on the top two shelves. 

Milk pick-up shelf: Please check off your milk on the clipboard (and check that we have your correct information!)

Yogurt pick-up shelf: People will be sharing the shelf to pick up their yogurt share. Let us know if you'd like to sign up for our yogurt share as well!

Not for sale shelf: Please do not take anything off this shelf. It is for Farm use only:)

Sign up for raw milk!

To sign up for our Raw Milk CSA, email us at [email protected]

Please include:

1) your phone number (there are occasional times we will not have milk and we might need to call you directly)

2) your first choice of pick-up day  (Wednesday or Friday)

3) the quantity of milk you'd like weekly (one share is 1 half gallon per week... let us know how many shares you'd like)

4) how you'd like to pay  (we prefer check or cash as they incur no processing fees, but PayPal is also available)