Remembrance Farm

organic, regenerative produce grown in Trumansburg, NY

Our Animals

As we farm biodynamically, we try as much as possible to close the cycle of fertility on Remembrance Farm.  Cows, sheep, chickens, ducks and pigs play a crucial role in that cycle, transforming grain and pasture into food for the vegetable crops at the center of our rotation.  The meat, milk, eggs, and fiber they produce are delicious and wonderful by-products of the fundamental synergy of crops and animals on the farm.

We have a cow herd of about 20 head. We operate a raw milk CSA and a Milk, yogurt, and cheese CSA. The cattle are also prized for their ability to turn pasture into fertilizer, the beauty they add to our farmscape, the farm chores they supply for our children, and the grounded energy they bring to our whole farm cycle. 

We have about 30 hens of many different breeds bred for laying on a pasture-rich diet, who graze our cover crop fields in rotation with our vegetables.  They are truly pasture-raised, on grass during the growing season and housed in a greenhouse during the winter.  They eat 100% organic feed, some nutritional supplements to balance their ration, and lots of bugs, seeds, and fresh greens that they forage from our fields.  They lead a true "chicken's life," as we let them express their essential nature as much as possible! Currently our eggs are not for sale.