Remembrance Farm

organic, regenerative produce grown in Trumansburg, NY

Biodynamic produce to nourish the soul

photo credit Sara Tro

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Beautiful creamy cow milk yogurt in glass jars made with certified organic milk from our 100% pasture-raised herd. 

$65 for one quart of cow milk yogurt per week for 12 weeks at Full Plate CSA farm and Press Bay pick-up sites*

Begins December 3, 2020 to align with winter CSA season!

*Sorry, not available for Full Plate group or home delivery sites this year :( 

Creamy, certified organic raw milk from our 100% grass fed herd. Available only to RF Milk CSA members for pick up at our farm beginning in November 2019.

Remembrance Farm is a 100-acre Biodynamic vegetable and dairy farm located in Trumansburg, NY, in the heart of the beautiful Finger Lakes region.  We specialize in growing salad greens and root vegetables for sale to local stores and restaurants, and to individual households through a cooperative Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program called the Full Plate Farm Collective. We also provide organic raw milk and yogurt to members of our dairy CSA.

Through fastidious attention to the details of production, we have developed a reputation for consistency and high quality in the crops we grow.  From the beginning, we chose to specialize in a select few cash crops in order to have the  time and attention to grow them well. 

The name, Remembrance Farm, serves as a constant reminder of the inner desires and aims that initially drew us to farming.  We wish to lead a life in which the outer conditions of life support and nurture our inner search for self-knowledge.  We hope that the efforts of that search, as they are made real through our work on the farm, enliven the food we produce in a deeper way.  Such food will, we hope, support both the physical and spiritual health of our customers as they too seek meaning in this life we share.

Nathaniel and Emily Thompson

farmer-owners, Remembrance Farm