Remembrance Farm

Organic, Biodynamic produce grown in Trumansburg, NY

Specialty Salad Mixes (available May-October)

To order, call/text Emily: 607.342.5890 or e-mail us

Flower Power

Our signature mix: a blend of baby lettuce, spicy Asian greens, and a stunning assortment of herbs and edible flowers, including basil, fennel, chervil, nasturium, borage, pansy, and calendula.

3lb bulk box: $23.50
5oz clamshells: $81/24ct, $41/12ct, $18/4ct

Field Greens

Not your typical spring mesclun! Our own unique blend of baby lettuces and spicy Asian greens.  Dress it up as you like!  

3lb bulk box: $19.00
5oz clamshells: $66/24ct, $34/12ct, $14/4ct

Spicy Greens

Includes tatsoi, arugula, red mustard, mizuna, red russian kale, curly cress and amaranth.  This makes a nice spicy salad, or can be lightly braised or sauteed.

3lb bulk box: $19.00
5oz clamshells: $66/24ct, $34/12ct, $14/4ct

Baby Arugula

The classic Italian salad green, on its own.  Makes great pesto!

3lb bulk box: $19.00
5oz clamshells: $66/24ct, $34/12ct, $14/4ct

Baby Asian Spinach (Tatsoi)

A flavor and texture somewhere between spinach and boc choy.  A great mild mustard green for salads, or use anywhere you would spinach.

3lb bulk box: $19.00
5oz clamshells: $66/24ct, $34/12ct, $14/4ct

Baby Kale (Red Russian)

Great for juicing and cooking with because there's hardly any prep (no thick stalk to devein, no chopping).  A beautiful, toothed, colorful leaf all on its own.

3lb bulk box: $19.00
5oz clamshells: $66/24ct, $34/12ct, $14/4ct

Root Vegetables (available September-February)

To order, call/text Emily: 607.342.5890 or e-mail us

Orange Carrots: $25/25# bag

Purple Carrots: $35/25# bag

Rainbow Carrots: $35/25# bag

Parsnips: $35/20# bag

Shallots: $32/10# bag

Onions (Red or Yellow): $27/25#, $50/50# bag

Daikon Radish: $25/25# bag

Muu Radish: $25/25# bag

Watermelon Radish: $25/25# bag

Turnips (Purple Top): $25/25# bag

Turnips (Hakurei): $25/25# bag

Beets (topped): $25/25# bag

Celeriac: $40/20# bag

Rutabaga: $25/25# bag



Buying our Produce

Our produce is available for retailers through our local distributors, Regional Access and Finger Lakes Farms.  For more information, e-mail us, or call/text 607.342.5890.

Join our CSAThe Full Plate Farm Collective

Stores selling our produce:

GreenStar Cooperative Market (Ithaca)

T-burg ShurSave (Trumansburg)

Brownie's (Jacksonville)

Busy Bee Market (Sheldrake)

Park Slope Coop (Brooklyn)

Perelandra Natural Food Center (Brooklyn)

Lori's Natural Foods (Rochester)

Honest Weight Coop (Albany)

Healthy Living Market and Cafe (Saratoga)

Local Food Market (Cortland)

Restaurants serving our produce: 



Bandwagon Brewpub

Cafe DeWitt

Carriage House Cafe

The Cellar (Corning)


Creekside Cafe

Dano's Heuriger

Fox Run Vineyards

Garden Bistro 24 (Albany)

The Good Truck

Hazelnut Kitchen

Ithaca Beer

Just A Taste

Macro Mama


Mahogany Grill

Manndible Cafe

Mate Factor


Moosewood Restaurant

Northstar House

The Red Newt

Rongovian Embassy

Salt of the Earth Kitchen @ Silver Line Taproom

The Stonecat Cafe

Silo Farm to Truck

Suzanne Fine Regional Cuisine